Pedicure Therapy for Cracked Dry Feet

Pedicure Therapy Introduction

Mild to moderate cracking of the skin on the bottom of the foot, especially around the heel areas, and the lateral (outside) areas of the foot, is quite common. It can be caused by going barefoot or wearing sandals excessively, and lack of proper foot care. Severe cracking is sometimes caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, or circulatory problems. Moderate to severe cracks can be a real heath issue, causing infection and pain. Amazingly deep cracks with dirt are sometimes seen embedded very far down. It is unhealthy and fairly easy to remedy.

Whether you have mildly dry feet, or severe, chronic cracks, there is a method of pedicure therapy that will significantly improve, if not completely heal your compromised skin. It is tried and true; This pedicure therapy has been used for nearly eight years, with fantastic results.

pedicure therapy for cracked feet
pedicure therapy for cracked feet

Pedicure Therapy for Cracked Feet

Items you will need:

*a large basin, foot spa, or other vessel that is large enough to completely immerse both of your feet.

*a good quality pumice stone. The synthetic ones are great. Avoid cheap ones that crumble, or ones that have little texture-they are worthless.

*Heel Balm by Flexitol. It is important to use this specific product, and central to the effectiveness of the therapy. It can be found at Walgreens and other drugstores, in the foot care section.


Pedicure Therapy Directions:

45 minutes before going to bed, fill your foot spa with the hottest water you can tolerate without discomfort. Soak both your feet in the water and relax for 30 minutes. You can add Epsom salts, essential oils, or whatever you like to enhance the foot bath, but it is not necessary. Plain water is very effective. Remove your feet from the bath, and dry them well before walking.

Next, under a running bathtub faucet, or in the shower, use your pumice stone to exfoliate the bottoms of your feet, concentrating on the heel area, and the lateral side of your foot, and wherever you may have cracks and peeling skin. The water from the foot soak will have plumped out the skin, exaggerating the peeling, cracks, and flakiness, so it should be obvious where some problem areas are. Use fairly aggressive strokes with the pumice stone, but don’t go overboard, especially if you experience any sensitivity or pain. Be extra careful around the open cracks.

Dry your feet, and apply the Heel Balm liberally, leaving extra little dollops on cracks and the problem areas. Put your socks on over the Heel Balm, and wear them overnight.


Continue with the pumice stone/heel balm/socks step every night for a full week. Also use a pumice stone in the morning, in your regular shower. Include regular lotion or the Heel Balm in the morning as well. By the end of one week, most of the cracks should be gone, and your feet should be noticeably renewed. As necessary, repeat the pedicure therapy and the entire week’s routine.

If your feet are prone to cracking, the best way to keep them healthy is daily use of a pumice stone. It is best to simply keep it near your regular shower items and get into the habit of using it. If you do fall out of the habit, though, simply repeat the entire course of Pedicure Therapy.

Hope this tutorial helps make cracked dry feet beautiful again.