PEDICURE STATIONS – How to build them?

1. Select pedicure chairs for perfect pedicure stations It is impossible to build pedicure stations without some kind of relaxing chair. A chair with plumbing makes it easier to provide services, but the plumbing requires ripping up the floor. A … Continued

Geting a pedicure for health reason

Most of us love going to the salon/spa, to get our pedicure done; However, The feet are two of the most neglected parts of our body. A pedicure is not necessarily for beauty and vanity’s sake. It is actually a … Continued

Pedicure tips

Short of going barefoot, nothing conjures the free spirit of summer like sandals. But given the way we treat our feet—whether we are  running marathons or home from work and in shoes that pinch, press, and blister—it’s no wonder they … Continued

Advices for salon owners

Learning from other’s people experiences can prevent us from making certain mistakes. As a new salon owner it can get overwhelmed and you may not know where to start. Our team here at would like to share with you … Continued

Why invest in pedicure chairs for kids

Like adults pedicure chairs, there a variety of pedicure chairs for kids. The spa industry is undergoing a transformation that would befit its clients — it’s getting younger. A study showed the percentage of U.S. spas offering services for children … Continued