Comfort an Important Consideration When Purchasing Salon Furniture


Have you ever seen furniture that looks aesthetically attractive and blends well with the décor only to sit on it and discover just how uncomfortable it really is? Don’t let this happen when you purchase hairdressing salon furniture ! Yes, you should focus on the overall ambience of your business but don’t allow looks to trump comfort.

Attention to Client Comfort

Clean lines, a spotless and organized work area and excellent customer service are all hallmarks of a successful hair salon. However, if you want clients to relax and enjoy the atmosphere while being pampered, the furniture you choose must be comfortable. If it is not, your clients will think that they are not valued. Perception plays a large part in winning and retaining clients, particularly in the hair business.

Choosing Furniture Pieces

Addressing client comfort, look for quality pieces with durable materials. The shampoo chairs you select should be well-cushioned and able to easily reach the basin. You will likely have clients with back and neck trouble periodically so chairs that easily reach the wash basins can be quite important. A vinyl material is optimal for the upholstery as it holds up well to wear and tear as well as water.

A hydraulic system for salon chairs is important for stylist comfort as it allows the chair to move up and down according to client height. Depending on the services the client pays for, they could be in a salon chair for hours so it is important that the seat and back offers a lot of cushion along with sturdy armrests and enough wiggle room for the heavier body frames.

If you offer pedicures, the pedicure chair should be tested for comfort. Even the beauty tables utilised for facials and the massage tables should have plenty of padding. It can be hard to explain to a client getting a massage why the table they are laying on for a relaxing treatment is anything but relaxing.

Don’t Neglect the Waiting Area

If clients have to wait for a few minutes for their stylist, a comfortable seating area in reception should be available for them. Whether you purchase a high-backed lounger or even ottomans, the seats should be well-cushioned and offer some body support.

When possible, physically test the salon furniture you are considering for durability and comfort. While looks are important, the true test is whether or not a client would willingly sit on your furniture for hours for a variety of services without complaint.