Teaching children how to take care their pedicure and manicure

Teaching children how to take care their pedicure and manicure

Teaching children how to take care their pedicure and manicure

This is one of the key skills, basic self-care helps children, cherish their own health.

In the early years, when the children are not themselves cut their own nails, you need to help her do this. It was only when she was about 9-10 years old baby holding scissors and other instruments for manicures and pedicures.

For children before school age

Every week you should cut nails for baby.  The best time to cut your nails is after bathing your baby. Now, clean nails and softer, more easily cut.

Cutting tools have to choose your baby’s nails only for children, not use common utensils to manicures, pedicures of babies. If you use nail clippers, should choose the same curved blade by way of the baby’s nail shape and you should wait until your baby to sleep to perform.

For toenails, you should cut a straight line, not so close to the edge cutting.

To restrict latch, nail biting, unsanitary, you should always observe the nails, pedicures, baby, when the extension is to be cut too. This prevents scratching the surface of his little hand or rake face other children.

Help children hygiene nails

For children from kindergarten to grade 3

You still need to help her manicures and pedicures in this age until they are 9 years old. However, at this age, the baby quite like to express yourself, so you should take care not to cut your baby. If she cut deeply into the skin, you need to sterilize the baby immediately. You should also bring attention to baby shoes. Too short or tight shoes, tight can cause wound pain, discomfort, growing toenails curl inward.For children from grade 4 to grade 6

From 9 years and up, children themselves can cut toenails, fingernails are. You should buy the child a caring nails as drag, click, filing … Children will be proud and feel bigger because people can manage to take care of myself.

You should regularly remind baby manicures, pedicures his schedule by recording specific date.

In addition to manicures and pedicures, you need to teach hand-washing, hygiene and clean nails. In the supermarkets are selling the nail brush. No nail care but also need to take care of skin around the nail.