Creating the perfect atmosphere for Spa and Salon

To run a successful salon, you need to create the perfect atmosphere—a space for your clients that is comfortable and positive, a relaxing environment, and a place that is pleasing to the senses. When it comes to opening a salon or spa, you must create an atmosphere that matches the type of work you do.

The spa and salon business is one of the few that requires the perfect environment to be successful. Walking into a salon and being welcomed by aggressive music, unpleasant smells, and a dark and dingy room will most likely cause any client to turn around immediately. If you think about any salon you have been in it was most likely painted neutral colors, it probably had classical music being played lightly in the background, with hints of a calming smell of essential oils in the air. This is a salon that knows how to create the right atmosphere.

Along with creating the right environment, you must be sure you have the right furniture and equipment to give your clients the best experience. At , we offer the best salon and spa equipment to make your spa stand out from the rest, and with our package deals you can get everything you need in matching furniture.

With the right spa furniture and equipment and a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere you can create the perfect spa setting.

But just how are you supposed to do this? In this blog, we will go over the best ways to create the perfect spa ambience.

The Senses

The perfect spa atmosphere will create a positive sensory experience for your clients from the minute they enter.


You want to create a space that is bright, but not overwhelming. Fluorescent lights are harsh and can cause headaches in some of you clients. The lights should be slightly dim and gentle. Offers a natural feel and a relaxing environment.

You should also have neutral wall colors—light blues, greens, and beiges are always great options. These colors are calming, offering your clients the ability to relax easily. Colors that are too bright or bold may be too much when creating a relaxing environment, as they are more stimulating than calming.

Along with the paint color, decorations are always a great addition. Canvas wall art can give your spa a different look and will allow your clients to stare at something peaceful and they get pampered. offers many different canvas wall decor sets that could give your spa the extra touch it needs. The frameless art give bare walls more visual appeal without being too bold with a frame, gently transitioning from art to wall.


When you walk into a spa, you want to hear sounds that are peaceful and help you relax during your appointment. You don’t want to walk in and hear obnoxious music that causes more stress than anything else, you want to walk in and here soft, classical music or slow songs. A sound machine that create sounds from nature may even be a good option. A client could feel completely at peace while getting their nails done and listening to sounds of waves gently crashing on the shore.

If you are a salon that has TVs for your clients to watch as they relax, make sure it is on something that is easy to watch, relaxing, and nothing that may cause stress. A romcom is always a good choice.


Some nail spas smell strongly of chemical products the minute you walk in. While this is difficult to avoid, there are ways you can try to swap out the bad smell for the good. Making sure your salon has a good ventilation system will help keep your salon smelling less chemically. Once you solve this problem you can more easily implement the good and relaxing smells.

An oil diffuser could help you get those natural and calming scents into the air, and leaving one at the entrance will allow clients to experience a good smell the minute they walk in. This is a great way to give your spa a better smell and allow for the chemical odor to be lessened.

If you are running a hair salon, this may not be as big of a concern. Many people enjoy the smells of the shampoo and hair products filling the air in a hair salon.


The three most important senses are covered above, but if you want to go one step further, add a great taste to your salon or spa! Offer beverages that are delicious and allow the clients to drink something while getting pampered. This could be anything, from coffee or tea to cucumber water. Many people enjoy sipping on something while they sit back and relax. Offering a beverage of some kind while they get their nails done could help make your spa stand out from others, which will cause clients to come back.


You want your clients to be comfortable when they get their nails done, their hair cut, or a massage. You want your furniture to be cozy and comfortable for clients who are sitting for long periods of time. At, you can find the perfectpedicure chairsfor your nail spa,stylingchairsfor your hair salon, andmassage tablesto help your clients relax in comfort.


The setup of your spa or salon is also very important to making sure that your atmosphere is perfect. If possible you want your stations spread out, allowing for more privacy for your clients. They want to be able to relax in their own space and not worry about whether or not the person next to them is watching their every move. A spacious and secluded area for your clients will help them feel more at peace throughout their appointment.

If you work in a tight space, set it up the best you can to offer your clients as much privacy as possible. Spas don’t always offer large amounts of space, but working with what you have and adding some space between stations can help your clients feel more relaxed and at ease.

The Equipment

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If you are looking for anything for your spa or salon, be sure to check out , we have just about everything you will need to create the perfect atmosphere in your shop. Build your salon around your client’s comfort needs and you are sure to create a space that offers peace, relaxation, and complete tranquility. Check out our package deals to get furniture and equipment that match for the best spa look!