Why nails weaken after gel polish removal

Gel polish removal spells doom for the steadiness of your nails. Naturally, any regular chemical application to your nails tends to gradually weaken them. Gel polish isn’t any different. While anyone may want to sustain an impressive and shiny nail look, complacency in taking care of them can potentially cause harm to your nails.

But why do nails weaken after gel polish removal?

Let’s delve into it.

Impatience in removing gel coating

During removal, nails ought to be soaked in acetone which is essentially a gel-removal detergent. However, most women are often in a hurry to scrape off the coating and end up settling for fast yet hazardous methods. After this, our nails weaken even more.

When you peel the coating yourself instead of waiting for the recommended time for gel dissolution, you are likely to inadvertently take off the top layer of the nail thus weakening the plate. If you want to keep your nails strong and healthy, follow a professional guide on how to do away with the gel coating.

Overdoing your nail polish routine

Look, for nails to replenish healthily, you’ve got to give them a little break. Don’t just apply one gel polish after another. Such a strenuous routine may leave your nails and cuticle barely gasping for air and moisture.

Nails are just like plants, they thrive only when watered and oxygenated so that they don’t run dry. While on the break, try moisturizing them using a viable hand cream, overnight mask or even by simply laying a soaked hot towel over your hand. Over time, it will render your nail layers firm enough for another round of polishing.

An improper soaking- off process

Nail polish removal can be enhanced using a foil soaked in acetone. Removing the gel polish involves wrapping the foil around your fingers and after some time, the foil sticks steadily onto the nail plates. The actual removal of the foil has to be done carefully by a professional, say a manicurist, to avoid scraping the nail plate. If the procedure is not adhered to, it can render your nails weak and susceptible to drying out as well as the brittleness effect.

Leaving the gel polish on for a long, long time

As much as it sounds far-fetched, wearing your favorite gel polish for too long may sometimes not turn out so well. You have to give your nails some time to breathe and recoup after the gel polish removal process.

How does it damage your nails?

To answer that, think about some polish chemical overstaying on your nails and giving room for bacteria to thrive. Makes sense? Right! Get that polish changed every two to three weeks. Basically, when the polish coating stays on for too long, it begins to lift thus leaving sizeable spaces for air and moisture to penetrate. Coupled with the warmth generated by the coating, perfect conditions for bacterial growth are reared. This may consequently cause harm to your cuticle and the skin around your nails.


Your nails require a consistent and conscious care routine. Depriving them of such important aspects could potentially cause lasting harm to your nails. You wouldn’t want your nails brittle and weak just because you failed to properly monitor your nail polish removal process. The activities that culminate to gel polish removal are equally vital and must be exclusively adhered to. Polished nails are an essential part of the beauty and their health must be looked out for at all costs.