Easy-to-follow Beauty Tips for a Lazy you

There are so many things to do these days. Gone are the days when you just wore a pretty dress, high heels, your favorite carrier and painted your pretty nails red. It was an era where beauty meant wearing the latest designer clothes, carrying the right pocket with your outfit, applying makeup right from the nail salon near you and styling your hair out of the way. get stuck. Beauty is an art now, and everyone is willing to go through the pain to get there. Fashion and beauty today go hand in hand. These are times when something as natural as beauty comes at a high price.

People love girls with French nails, high heels and perfect makeup. It is a difficult world. Before you get upset, here are some tips to help you look beautiful and luxurious as if you were coming right from a nail salon.

1. Makeup Tips

  • Conceal don’t hide: You do not want to put layers of makeup on your face. No worries just apply concealer on the blemishes and spots on your face. Carry one with you at all points of time and keep redoing whenever needed. You are bound to get compliments for your flawless skin.
  • Blush on: Apply blush on your eyelids and cheeks and lighten up your face immediately. This trick has the power to make aliens look human like.
  • Use an eyelash curler: It makes a face ten times prettier and more attractive
  • Blow dry does way more than blow dries your hair: Blow dry your face when you don’t want to wait for makeup to set properly and hop out of your main door like a boss.
  • Want smoky eyes but don’t know how to do eye makeup: Forget the tutorials just use your fingertips instead. The eye shadow powder or gel blends well with your warm fingers.
  • Have very less hair on your eyebrows: Make them look fuller with this brilliant school girl tip. Apply hairspray with an old mascara brush in your brows and see an instant effect.
  • Applied gel lipstick instead of Matt: Just dab some foundation powder on your lips from over paper. It will make your lipstick last longer and give your lips a perfect matte finish
  • You have to remove your makeup every night, no excuses! Just keep the remover and some cotton swabs stashed by your bedside and keep your skin healthier for a longer period.
  • The magical oil: Coconut oil is your go to a friend. You have to keep a small bottle of it with you at all points of time. It has multiple uses. It can act as a makeup remover, apply a little over your eyes or lips or cheeks for the instant shiny look.

With these tips, you are bound to look like you just came from the nearby nail salon at all points of time.

2. Hair Care Tips

  • Dry Shampoo: What a blessing it is! Do you also run out of hair shampoo more than the    real shampoo? It is an ultimate go-getter. Just sprinkle some onto your head, and you will look like have gone for a professional hair wash.
  • Baby Powder: The backup shampoo. Now you will not have to cry in despair the next time you run out of the dry shampoo. Baby powder is the ultimate hack for the dry shampoo. In fact, you can stop buying one totally and switch to baby powder forever.
  • Wait for them to dry: Do not ever brush or comb your hair when wet. Let them air dry. By doing this, you give them time to strengthen and absorb all the goodness of the shampoo and the conditioner you just applied. Let them breathe!
  • Pamper your hair: At least every 20 -30 days get a deep conditioning or hair mask done. If you are too lazy for that, just give it a good old and tested oil massage. Use that coconut oil from your makeup pouch. It does wonders for your hair. You can throw in a mani-pedi session to lure yourself to the nearby nail salon.
  • Get a simple haircut and just keep getting split ends removed if any. You are too lazy to go to the nail salon for those regular trimming sessions. You know it in your heart.
  • Learn that high ponytail styling just like the professionals would do it. Never again will you have a bad oily hair day again.
  • Start using after hair-wash oil. It can be applied even after you have had your shower because you are too lazy to oil massage your hair.

3. Nail Care Tips

  • Moisturizes your hands: Keeps them looking soft and supple at all times. You can also use  coconut oil for it! Perfect nails also need perfect soft fingers. Always carry hand lotion with you.
  • Don’t forget a foundation: Always use a foundation for your stylish nails. They will last longer and make your beautiful nails look more shiny.
  • Get a UV-resistant manicure and pedicure. They can last for 15 days without blemishes. And when your nails have grown out of color, you can cover them with regular home nail polish. As a perfect solution for perfect, permanent nails.
  • Give your nails air and leave them free: Don’t let them be covered with harsh chemical nail polishes all the time. Instead, remove the nail polish with a moisturizing polish remover to avoid discoloration.
  • Gentle: Use a soft hand sanitizer instead of the hospital-grade hand sanitizer you use. They have the same composition and will not weaken the extension of the nail.
  • Ask your nail technician: Every hand is different. Consult with your nail specialist the next time you have a regular manicure and pedicure.
  • Keep your hands and feet clean and free of dirt. Living in a dusty area, keep a pile of cotton socks and wear them throughout the day. Your manicure and pedicure will last longer.

These are a few hacks that every lazy girl swears by. Follow them and never go without the compliments. Stick to simpler methods, styles, colors and designs. It always lasts longer. No one can go for the French manicure every weekend, isn’t it? Just relax, take it easy, follow these tips and hacks and don’t forget coconut oil. Also, you need your beauty sleep. It will let you feel beautiful and rejuvenated the entire day.