Fall 2022 Beauty and Makeup trends

With the fall 2022 season now in full swing, several new beauty and makeup trends have emerged thanks to a popular television series, Tik Tok and other social media sites. Many of these trends are flashy, bold and eye-catching such as putting bright accents on one feature and using metallic or glitter makeup. At a time when much of the makeup world is focused on the popular show, Euphoria, and how to recreate the makeup styles of that show, this is exactly what one would expect. Here we will explore the intricacies of those styles and give you some tips on how to recreate them for yourself.


Probably one of the most eye-catching trends to appear recently is one feature accents where one feature, be it the lips or eyes will have a contrastingly bright color applied. Whether it is a baby blue eyeshadow or a piercing red lipstick, the whole idea is that this one highlight is obvious and noticeable.


As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, Euphoria is having a big impact on the makeup trends this fall and that is certainly true when it comes to eye shadows. Metallic and glitter eyeshadows are as popular as ever thanks to this. So, if you happen to like the series or you simply have a thing for bold makeup, go ahead and give it a try.


One trend that has continued to be popular into the fall 2022 season is blush. However, the application of blush has changed a little bit. Instead of putting the blush over foundation, many women are putting the blush under their foundation to “strobe” it a little bit and create a more natural flushed look. Also, many women are applying blush higher on the cheekbone and up to the under eye area. After the blush, a bright sealer is applied. This makeup trend is also a great strategy for hiding dark under eye circles.


“Statement eyes” as some people call them are usually done with bright blues or greens and should be used to shape the eye. For this reason, when applying this style, you may want to consider drawing the shape on with an eyeliner and then filling in the shape you’ve created with eyeshadow. To finish off the look, use a winged eyeliner which can be created with one or two winged tips as both styles are very popular.


For those who aren’t a fan of eyeshadow, graphic eyeliner is a popular alternative. Neon hues, multiple colors and cat eyes are all trending looks. Any of these styles can be done relatively quickly and easily with good liquid eyeliner. As a tip, you should keep a few q-tips and makeup remover around to correct any mistakes you might make.


Eye jewels, again thanks to Euphoria, have come blazing back into popularity recently. Placing these small jewels at the corners of the eyes, on the eyebrows or even under the eyebrows are all popular looks. As a tip you can use liquid eyeliner to map out where you want to put the jewels before applying them so you have a guide to ensure the appropriate and symmetrical placement.


Before diving into this trend, be sure you are actually committed to the style. Bleached eyebrows began showing up in fashion shows again, including those by celebrities like Kendall Jenner. It is a dramatic look and not one everyone will be pleased by. If you are tempted to try this style, we recommend first using pomades and concealer to artificially and temporarily preview the look before actually doing any bleaching. This way, if you don’t like the way the look suits you, you can simply wash it off.


While many of this fall’s makeup trends were inspired by a popular series, they have grown even more so thanks to vast numbers of social media influencers copying and replicating those looks on their channels. Most of these trending looks are quite bold and definitely attention-getters but, if you are a more subtle person, you can also try a toned down version of these looks.