French pedicure

French Pedicure

The ever classic French manicure is destined to give you the clean, gorgeous look you want. A French manicure features a clear, pale pink or beige polish over the entire nail, and white polish along the tip. The end result is healthy, vibrant and perfect for all occasions – you definitely can’t go wrong.

A French pedicure is much like a French manicure, the main difference being that the particular style of polish is applied to the toenails instead of the fingernails. This kind of pedicure is marked by nails that are polished with two colors. The first color that is applied is a neutral translucent color that is close to peach in tone. This first color is applied over the entire nail. The second color that is applied is pure white.

It is not impossible to give oneself a French pedicure at home. The key difficulty is getting an even white line across the tops of each of the nails. There are a number of kits that can be purchase with tools for at-home French pedicures. These kits are quite common and can be found at many drugstores and pharmacies. At-home kits are a good option for people who want the look of a French pedicure but don’t want to pay spa prices.

pretty French pedicure
pretty French pedicure

French pedicure for kids

A French pedicure is a quick way to glam up a girl of any age. Whether you’re having a spa party for your daughter and her friends or you just want to paint your little girl’s toenails, a French pedicure will give her a stylish look. You don’t have to pay money for a professional French pedicure at a salon. Instead, head to your local drug store and pick up the few things you’ll need to give the kids a classy French pedicure at home.

Things You’ll Need
Cotton balls
Nail polish remover
Toenail clippers
Nail file
Nail buffer
Base coat polish
Natural light pink nail polish
White nail polish
Top coat polish


Remove all polish from the nails using cotton balls and nail polish remover. Even if the child does not have polish on her toenails, swipe each nail a couple of times with a cotton ball moistened with nail polish remover to remove any oils from the nails.
Clip the toenails with toenail clippers, then file them gently to remove any rough edges. You can cut the nails to whatever length desired. Rub a nail buffer over the tops of the nails to make the surface smooth for polish.

• Insert toe separators or tissue in between the toes so that the polish does not get smudged. Apply a clear base coat to each toenail. Paint the base coat on thinly and let it dry completely before moving on.
Apply a natural light pink polish to each toenail. Apply the polish in vertical strips along the toenail. Start with one strip in the middle, then paint a strip on each side to cover the entire nail. Use your own fingernail or an wooden orange stick to remove any polish from the skin around the nail. Let the polish dry completely.
Paint the white tips onto the toenails with white nail polish. Apply one strip of white starting at one side of the nail bed across to the other following the natural curve of the nail. Make the strip as thick or thin as you’d like depending on preference. Let the white polish dry completely, then apply a second coat and let that dry completely.
Apply another coat of the light pink polish over the entire nail if you used it in the beginning to give a smooth, even appearance across the toenails. Let that dry completely, then paint a top coat over the entire toenail.

Tips & Warnings
If you don’t have a steady hand, skip the light pink polish and just paint the white strip horizontally across the toenails. Then, dip a small, stiff paintbrush or cotton swab into nail polish remover and use it to touch up the white polish so it forms a neat strip across the top of the toenails.
Spruce up a French pedicure by adding some bright colored polka dots or nail art stickers.
Depending on the age and patience level of the children, you may complete the French pedicure in two different sessions. At the first pedicure, apply the base coat and light pink polish. On the following day or some time after the first session, apply the white, light pink polish (optional) and top coat.