High Frequency Facial Machines

High frequency facials and high frequency facial machines have been getting a lot of attention in salons and social media alike. There are many new trendy gadgets in the salon niche but this one really sticks out due to its uniqueness. The technology itself is very interesting as all high frequency facial machines have different electrode extensions filled with either argon gas or neon gas. Argon gas, which glows violet, is more suited to acne and lesion skin problems while neon gas, which has a more orange or red glow, is used to treat generally oily skin and also has anti-aging benefits. The electrodes filled with these gases vibrate at a frequency alternating between 60,000 and 200,000 hertz. When applied over the skin, these gas-filled electrodes reduce inflammation, oxygenate the skin and reduce bacteria.

How To Use High Frequency Facial Machines

Whether you are a salon professional or simply someone who would like to augment their current skincare at home, high frequency facial machines can be a hassle free addition to your salon services or home routine. To begin, gently wash and dry the face to make sure that all dirt and makeup is removed. Then, depending on the goals of the treatment, you can either place a small piece of gauze over acne pimples and lesions if you are using an argon wand to treat acne or a larger piece of gauze over the entire face if you are using a neon wand for general anti-aging or other skincare benefits. Next place the wand over the gauze which is on the face and turn the wand up until a gentle (not painful) tingle is felt. At this point you can use circular motions to move the wand around the face to the desired treatment areas. Each treatment area should receive no more than 3 to 5 minutes of attention and a general neon wand treatment should take a total of about 15 minutes.

Side Effects

Although high frequency machines are well tolerated by many people, a few will experience generally mild side effects. These side effects include irritation and inflammation in people with sensitive skin. People with eczema, psoriasis or rosacea should also avoid areas of the skin that suffer from these conditions if those areas are currently experiencing inflammation. Pregnant women and people with heart disease or pacemakers should also avoid high frequency facial machines.

High Frequency Facial Machine Costs

High frequency facial machines can cost anywhere between $100 to $500 or more depending on the quality and features of the machine. The less expensive machines that generally come with one wand/power source that can be put together with various neon and argon electrodes are generally cheaper and more appropriate for personal use. Machines which come with a fixed set of electrodes attached to a small computerized power source are generally more powerful, more expensive and used in salons. However, these more expensive machines generally provide better results and, if you are a salon owner, are much more appropriate. Also, salons are able to charge $40 to $50 per treatment depending on the location and so the investment does not take long to pay off if you are getting the device for commercial use.


Many people swear by high frequency facial treatments and even believe that they are one of the best anti-aging treatments on the market. There are also many people who believe in its ability to help acne sufferers. However, as with many new trends and beauty treatments, the scientific proof to back up these claims is still lacking. This does not mean the treatment does not work. It simply means that science is slow to catch up to emerging trends. This is true not only of high frequency facials but of all trendy beauty treatments. However, given the popularity of these machines and the number of people who do believe in their effectiveness, it is certainly worth a try.