How to correct Home Manicure mistakes at your Spa or Salon

If you work in a spa or salon, you have probably come across a client who created a disaster attempting to give themselves some kind of home treatment. When it comes to hair, stylists know exactly what to do when a client comes in with a wonky, uneven haircut which was done at home. However, manicure clients do the same thing and fixing the problem takes understanding the different types of issues which can arise. Here we will discuss just that.


When clients attempt to apply their own acrylic nails at home, cracking, splitting and lifting of the nails can occur for a variety of reasons. For one thing, many women use an incorrect ratio of acrylic powder to liquid monomer to begin with. Second, even those who did initially use the correct acrylic powder to liquid monomer ratio, but did not clean the nail brush they used before each nail, likely contaminated the mixture in a way which affects the ratio as well. If some of the acrylic nails which the client has done themselves seem to be okay while others are not, this may be what happened. In either case, the nail technician should begin fixing the problem by cutting and filing down the nails to avoid further damage being caused. Then, the nail technician can proceed by removing the acrylic polish with acetone or an electric nail file. After this, the technician can use a form to create new acrylic nails for the client with a drop of acrylic polish and finish by filing the nails and adding a top coat when the nails are dry.


When done correctly, gel nails are a great way to get a shiny and enduring manicure. However, when done incorrectly, as is the case with many gel manicures which were performed at home, wrinkling, peeling, dullness and chipping can occur. These problems occur because the client either didn’t cure their gel manicure properly or because they used incompatible nail products together. Either way, If a client comes in with a gel manicure that is experiencing these types of problems, the best thing to do is simply remove everything and start from scratch. Start the process by removing the gel polish with acetone and then buff the nails to help prevent residual oils from affecting the new manicure. Next, you should apply a nail strengthener and a base coat before ending the manicure with the gel finish of your client’s choice.


Great nail art gets tons of views on social media and has only grown in popularity recently. However, because of this, many women have attempted to perform nail art on themselves and have been left with undesirable results. Remember, nail art takes precision, patience and artistic ability (with both hands if you are attempting to perform nail art on yourself). Because of this, many clients enter nail salons with nail art that is mediocre at best. Luckily, there are several ways to rescue bad nail art manicures. You can use nail tape to straighten out poorly drawn nail art lines, nail dotters to create more symmetry in dotted nail art and nail brushes to use your own artistic ability to fix other nail art mishaps. However, in some cases, if the nail art is truly unsalvageable, it may be best to simply remove everything with acetone and start over.


Home manicure mishaps are fairly common as women have numerous reasons for attempting to give themselves a manicure at home as opposed to opting for an appointment with their nail technician. They may be short on time, attempting to save themselves money or they may simply be bored and looking for something to occupy their time. Regardless, you will probably come across a manicure which needs saving from time to time at your spa or salon and you have to be prepared on how to best deal with that.