Laser Combs For Thinning Hair

A majority of men and many women experience some form of hair thinning by the time they reach 35 years old. Hair loss can be influenced by stress, nutrition and illness but, for the majority of people who experience hair loss, the cause is hereditary. In other words, it’s already programmed into their genetics. For years, the only available treatments were either expensive (like hair transplants which can cost over $10,000) or came along with unwanted hormonal side effects like DHT-blockers such as Propecia. More recently, some new treatments which demonstrate effectiveness and are well-tolerated such as laser combs have arrived. Here we will discuss the ins and outs of this treatment.

Thinning hair is a fairly common complaint inside of salons and laser combs may help your clients who have this complaint. By the end of this article, you may decide that laser combs are a worthwhile addition to your salon or spa’s retail shelves or you may even want to get one for your own beauty cabinet.

Approved By The Fda

One thing that most new, trendy beauty treatments cannot boast is approval from the FDA. Laser combs have approval from the FDA for safety and effectiveness. This is notable since, in reality, many trendy beauty treatments which do claim FDA approval only have FDA approval for safety, not effectiveness. This is to say that the FDA has decided that the treatment is not harmful but also may not be effective for what it’s supposed to do. Laser combs, being an outlier, have both of these approvals.

How Effective Are Laser Combs

Laser combs use a technology known as “LLLT” or low level laser therapy. Different people get different results with laser combs so, like anything else where results vary, it is difficult to give an exact measurement of how effective these combs are for everyone. Some people see quite dramatic and impressive results while others get little benefit. One thing that is widely seen as a positive aspect to these combs is the fact that they are well-tolerated and cause very few side effects. One of the only reported side effects is itchiness after treatment. Therefore, if you are determined to increase the density of your hair, laser combs are a good first thing to try. If it works, great. You’ve managed to obtain thicker hair without medications, chemicals or surgery. If it doesn’t work, you can always move on to harsher treatments later.

How Often Do You Need Treatments

Laser comb therapy is generally recommended about two to three times per week. The recommended amount of time for each session will differ according to each device and you should follow the instructions on your particular device carefully.


Laser combs and similar devices such as hair laser hats can range from about $150 to thousands of dollars and not all devices are created equally. If price is an issue, there are economical brands out there which have good reviews and also will not break the bank. You should do diligent research to ensure that you are not wasting your money or buying a device that others largely consider ineffective.


The low level laser therapy used in laser combs has been around for a long time and also continues to improve. In addition, as mentioned above, it does have FDA approval. Therefore, if thinning hair is a problem that you or your salon clients face, these devices are certainly worth a try. Since many salons do not have these combs on their retail shelves, this item could help set you apart from the local competition if you do decide to stock them at your salon.