Nail Art Trends For Fall 2021

Terrazzo Nails

One nail trend which is making a huge comeback this fall is terrazzo nails. Although there are no absolute rules for terrazzo nails, they typically include imperfect or irregularly shaped “confetti” over a more simple base layer. This can include a french tip but doesn’t have to and also includes other style variations such as the cow print that Kendall Jenner made popular back in 2020 on social media. This style can also include more uniform polka dots or even small starry shapes. Remember, the most important part of this style is that you have fun because that is what it is designed for! For special occasions, you can go to your favorite salon and ask your nail technician for creative ideas about how to customize this look for your own personality.    

‘90’s Style Nails

Like clothing or music, every now and then people feel nostalgic for the 1990’s and nails from this time come back into popularity as well. 90’s style nails include clean lines and checkered patterns like you might remember from those old vans shoes. In addition, 90’s style nails can be seen with variations of smiley faces and mid-nail french “tips”. So go ahead, remember the good old times and try one of these styles for a little while. You are sure to get lots of compliments whether you are at work or the coffee shop. .

Animal Print Nails

This style may be celebrity-inspired like those cow print nails from Kendall Jenner because it has been noticed on the red carpet but, for whatever the reason, animal print nails are hugely popular this fall. Zebra stripes, tiger stripes and even ladybug patterns will be a common sight as the weather gets cooler. Even “tortoise shell” designs that mimic what we are used to seeing on people’s eyeglasses will be adorning womens’ hands this fall. Let your wild side out and join the trend this fall by asking your nail technician to put your favorite animal pattern on your nails for a little while.

Two-Tone French Manicures

While the trends this fall are filled with lots of bold patterns like terrazzo nails and animal prints, two-tone french manicures are making a comeback as a trend that goes against the grain. With a more subtle and classy vibe, two-tone french manicures are still fun but also mature. Not all of us are comfortable walking around with smiley faces on our nails and, especially if these types of wilder styles would not be appropriate for your workplace, two-tone french manicures can be a good way for you to join the trend and be the mature adult that we know you are. Around Halloween you can try a hot pink and bold orange combination to be extra festive. Either way, don’t let being an adult stop you from being cool!


Although this style may be slightly harder to execute on oneself, for those of us who are a little more artistic or get our manicures done at the salon, and want our nails to be slightly reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting, swirls are all the rage this fall season. Also, if you do attempt this on yourself and you are not an expert painter, don’t worry. The neutral base layer and negative space allows some room for error since this is an abstract style; unlike the 90’s style nails which require a certain amount of precision and perfection to be executed correctly. The warmer color tones that you would expect for fall will be seen but women are also using paler, more “springy” colors this fall for this trend.


Move over glossy colors! This season matte is making an appearance. With one color or transitioning/multi-colored matte styles, women all over are putting those shiny polishes to the side for this new fall trend. Cool variations like mismatched glossy tips are also making their way into this style. You can be wild or mature with this style as it really all depends on the color or color combination you are using. For a more mature look, use a simple red matte or blue matte single-color style. If on the other hand you would like a more extroverted look, try a two-tone, transitioning-color matte style with a glossy topcoat. This is one sure way to stand out!

Clear Glass Extensions

Although this is slightly different from the polish styles discussed in the rest of this article, clear “glass” nail extensions are absolutely a burgeoning trend this fall. This trend is slightly harder to perform on oneself and does involve nail extensions as opposed to polish but, done correctly, it is a great style to choose since it is color-neutral and will match with all of your outfits. If you want to personalize this style a little bit, try adding a small, classy accent to the top of the nail on the ring finger. You will be sure to turn heads.


One thing that is for sure this fall is that there is no shortage of nail trends. Whether you want something that has seemingly traveled through time like the 90’s nails styles or you want something more edgy and modern like the clear glass extensions, you will have no shortage of styles to try out.