New Year’s resolutions for your Spa or Salon Business

With the new year rolling around, many people already have their personal new year’s resolutions written down and lined up. Whether that means eating healthier, going to the gym more or managing stress better, everyone has something that they want to do better in the new year. However, what about your business? If you plan on improving your personal life for the new year, it only makes sense to do the same for your business; if for no other reason than that the state of your business also affects your personal life. However, what does a new year’s resolution for a spa or salon business look like? Here, we will make some suggestions which could exponentially improve your business.


A lack of organization at your business is a pitfall and a very satisfying one to fix. Whether your supplies are scattered all over the place, your financial books are a mess or you simply aren’t utilizing tools which you could to organize your staff better, take the initiative to make positive changes. There are countless numbers of free apps which can help and, at the very least, something like a simple excel spreadsheet can help you keep track of what supplies or retail shelf inventory will be running out in the near future so that you can order what you need before you are in a crunch. If you’re still working with paper receipts and an old fashioned cash register, consider switching to something like QuickBooks which can be connected to your checkout device in order to help automate some of the bookkeeping process. Ultimately, organizing your spa or salon business effectively will relieve a lot of stress and headaches down the road.


One completely free way to improve your spa or salon business is by becoming more active on social media. This can be on YouTube, Facebook or, as seems to be everyone’s favorite at the moment, TikTok, and can include things like tutorials, explanations about your products and services and  product reviews. Even without going “viral,” a few moderately popular social media posts can do great things to expand the reach of your business. If you want to push things even father, you could consider “boosting” or advertising the posts on these social media accounts to engage in a sort of hybrid method of marketing where you pay a little extra to increase the views and reach of the posts without necessarily trying to “hard sell” your viewers on a particular product or service at your business. Instead, providing high quality content on social media is more of a “soft-sales” approach where you build awareness and interest in your business without high pressure sales tactics. Many marketers find this much more effective in modern markets.


Once you have gotten a client in the door, you should try your best to keep them coming back. For starters, you should do everything in your power to ensure that clients have a high quality experience every time they visit your business. This includes a clean, welcoming environment, knowledgeable staff, helpful, friendly customer service and great services. Lacking any one of these can result in a situation where customers feel unimpressed by your business and begin to look elsewhere for other spas or salons which embody all of these qualities simultaneously. As a tip, you can also add customer loyalty rewards programs to your business in order to further incentivize repeat business.


One thing which often goes overlooked, especially in spas and salons with experienced, consistent staff, is continued, professional training. In any field, training and education really should never “stop” or “end.” Even the most experienced hair stylists, aestheticians and nail technicians can always learn something new. This is especially true at a time when beauty trends pop up overnight on social media and immediately increase the probability that someone is going to walk in looking to recreate the look that they just saw trending. For this reason, making a commitment to continue investing in training and education for your staff is a great new year’s resolution for your business.


Let’s face it, any time is a great time to focus on improving and adapting your business. However, due to the day to day grind of running a business, sometimes this fact goes overlooked. Therefore, if this is the case for you and your business, then use the new year as an excuse to make (and complete) some effective resolutions for your business. You will certainly be happy you did.