Popular Salon Hairstyles for Women in 2022

After consulting with various experts and publications in the beauty and salon industry, we have collected some of the most requested styles to date this year and we are going to reveal them to you today. We’ll also discuss what hair types best suit these various styles as well as what dye and color options are typically used alongside each haircut. This is a great article for stylists, salon owners and beauty professionals to brush up on the latest trends. 


The butterfly haircut is, in its essence, a cascading layered cut. Various long layers which flip out like butterfly wings (hence where the haircut gets its name) are carefully used to frame the face. The specific number of layers to be used will depend on the client’s face shape and the stylist’s artistic ability. However, texture is also, many times, added and this is even more true for thicker, heavier hair which may need texturizing so that the butterfly haircut can have its trademark “bounce”. Finer hair, on the other hand, may not need to be textured. The butterfly cut typically works best on straight or wavy hair but a talented stylist may be able to find an aesthetically pleasing way to accommodate curlier hair for this style if that is what the client desires.


Lobs and shorter bobs have been very popular in recent years due to their versatility and generally easier maintenance. Originating from the time of the roaring twenties when shorter, more “boyish” hairstyles were popular for women, lobs are a longer, more modern iteration of this style. Lobs are generally shoulder length or just above shoulder length whereas old-fashioned bob haircuts were typically cut to around the jawline. Tousled or shaggy bobs have also become fashionable where the lob or long bob haircut is purposely styled in an unkempt manner. This was not true of traditional bobs which were typically styled very neatly. Lobs are suitable for all hair types from those with very straight hair to those with very curly hair. Similarly, there is no typical dye or highlight which goes best with a lob as it can be worn with natural tones, highlights and even bold, vibrant colors.


Shag haircuts became very popular recently thanks to social media and this is more true than ever in 2022. Shag haircuts can be long or short but always include a lot of texture and a casual, messier style. Also, although it is not true 100% of the time, shag haircuts are typically coupled with bangs or fringe. The bangs, like the shag haircut itself, can be long or short. However, recently curtain bangs have become a popular option in and of themselves but also to use along with shag haircuts. Curtain bangs are longer, feathered bangs which are parted down the middle to help frame the face. Because of how shag haircuts are styled, they typically work better with thick hair. However, as long as the hair is thick, it can be straight, wavy or curly. Regarding highlights and color options, almost anything you can imagine can work, and has been tried, with shag haircuts.


Razor cuts, as opposed to normal haircuts which use stylist shears, actually use a straight razor to perform the cut which results in strands that are thinned to the tips giving the style more texture and structure with wispy tips. Razor cuts originally became popular in the 70’s but have come back into prominence with celebrities such as Emily Clark and Rihanna sporting razor cuts recently. Razor cuts work best with thick hair where the thinning action of the razor makes the dense hair more manageable and style-able. Alternatively, razor cuts can, sometimes, be performed on thin hair but it is usually a good idea to avoid this if the hair is thin and frizzy and the razor cut ends can have a tendency to get even frizzier in this situation. Similarly, razor cuts work best on long, straight hair as performing a razor cut on hair which is short, wavy or curly can end up in unwanted frizz and a displeasing aesthetic.


The above-mentioned haircuts are currently some of the most sought after and requested in salons right. If you own a salon, it would certainly be useful to become closely acquainted with these haircuts so that you are prepared to perform them correctly on your clients. Keep in mind which haircuts work best for each hair type as well so that, if one of your clients unknowingly requests a style which would probably not look good on them, you can divert their attention and recommend something more appropriate.