Spa and Wellness Trends for 2023

As the new year approaches, so do a whole new set of spa and wellness trends. While the last couple of years were defined by the pandemic and then bouncing back from that pandemic, 2023 will see some trends which are a continuation of the momentum caused by the pandemic as well as others which are emerging completely on their own accord. Here we will explore some of the trends that experts predict will take spas by storm in 2023.


Facials and facial treatments are an extremely popular service at most spas. However, a number of these treatments like peels and microdermabrasion have the tendency to leave clients red-faced, mildly sore and with a recovery time of at least a few days. While this recovery has generally been accepted as the “price” of having more beautiful, radiant skin, many spa-goers now want (and expect) the benefits without the side effects. Aside from being physically uncomfortable, going out with a red face can be awkward or embarrassing for some people. Hence, the rise of the no downtime facial treatments. No downtime facials use gentler ingredients and skin care methods like LED facial masks, oxygen based facials and all-natural cleansers and moisturizers. Keep an eye out because this could be a major trend in 2023.


For years now, natural ingredients have become more and more popular and prevalent. This is especially true for the younger Millennial and Gen-x generations and is largely due to the perceived benefits; not only for the user, but also for the environment. However, in 2023, natural ingredients are also popular due to recent inflationary pressures. Big box creams, cleansers and moisturizers that people may have used in the past now look more expensive and less attractive to buy. Salt polishes and sugar scrubs now have a whole new level of appeal to beauty consumers and spas alike.


While the pandemic had spa-goers seeking more isolated, touchless and germ-free services, 2022 saw a return to more normal demand for spa services such as massages and facials which involve some level contact with, at least, one other person. In 2023 and into the future, saving for the fact that there is not another pandemic or public health crisis of some sort, some experts are predicting that this return to normalcy will push spas into the even more social realm of bathhouse culture. In early times, spas, which were really just natural hot springs for a long time, were a place to socialize. These were “bathhouses.” And, this could easily become the case again as people crave social interaction that they were deprived of for years. This return to bathhouse culture would probably include large saunas and hot pools, group cold plunges and steam rooms.


Throughout the last decade, there has been an overarching trend in almost every industry to specialize or “niche” down a few areas of expertise. This is equally true in the spa industry where one spa may offer facials and massages only, while another specializes in waxing and pedicures. However, while this trend shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to online businesses where websites that specialize in one niche convey a level of expertise, many experts predict that this trend will actually reverse in physical businesses. This is because consumers and spa-goers value their time and will likely view spas with more services and timesavers. Driving to one spa for a massage and then needing to drive 30 minutes to another spa for a pedicure is inefficient and time-conscious consumers will likely look for more all-in-one spas in 2023 and into the future.


While it is impossible to predict all of the trends we will see in 2023 as many of them will certainly pop up organically on social media apps, the trends mentioned above are some of the larger “movement” trends that experts are predicting. It is useful to understand these trends and incorporate them, with your own interpretation, into your spa business to ensure that you remain ahead of the curve and are seen as a modern, sophisticated spa.