Spa Treatments you can do at home

A visit to the local spa is a great way to relax, blow off some steam and enhance your beauty routine all at the same time. However, due to busy schedules, family commitments, travel and other limiting factors, it isn’t always possible to get an appointment when we would like one. This is especially true on and around the holidays. So, how does one relax and give themselves the self-care that they need when the spa isn’t an option? Simple. Give yourself a spa treatment at home. No, it will not be exactly like getting a professional spa treatment but, it should hold you over until your schedule permits you to get back to the spa. Here, we will discuss several treatments you can safely give yourself at home.


A full body scrub is always a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. On the surface, body scrubs exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells which leaves your skin feeling healthier and renewed. Below the surface, body scrubs stimulate oxygen and nutrient distribution in tissues and also detoxify lymph nodes. Body scrubs are not hard to find or expensive but, if you are feeling extra creative, you could put a homemade body scrub together with a salt scrub and lavender or coconut oil from your powder room. And, while you may find that there are some harder-to-reach places on your back where an aesthetician would really be useful, you should be able to successfully give yourself a full body scrub. As a tip to leave your skin feeling extra soft and moisturized, finish off with a hydrating body lotion after you have washed off the body scrub.


What’s great about this at-home treatment is that, not only does aromatherapy have numerous benefits such as reducing stress, boosting immunity and treating headaches and migraines, but if you combine aromatherapy with your shower routine, you won’t even need to take out any extra time from your busy schedule. Aromatherapy can be added to your bathing ritual in a couple of ways. If you have an aromatherapy vaporizer, you can simply add your aromatherapy flavor of choice and turn the machine on. If you don’t have this kind of equipment, you can simply add a few drops of concentrated aromatherapy oils to the corners of your shower and allow them to disperse naturally. Finally, if you don’t have a vaporizer or oils, you can simply place a fresh sprig of an aromatic plant like Eucalyptus in your bathroom and perform the aromatherapy treatment that way.


Facial steaming treatments are obviously very popular at many spas. However, if you are in a crunch, you can give yourself a pretty good facial steaming treatment from home. If you have, or are motivated to buy, a personal, home-use facial steamer, this is one way to perform facial steaming on yourself. Personal use facial steamers can be gotten for around $100 to $200 and are quite simple to use. However, if you don’t have one of these machines and aren’t inclined to get one, you can also give yourself a facial steaming session by boiling a pot of water and then holding your face 6 to 8 inches away from the pot with a towel over your head and the pot in order to contain the vapor. As a tip, if the temperature of the vapor becomes too hot or causes you to sweat more than you would like, you can lift up one of the corner’s of your towel to cool off while still continuing the facial.


There’s a reason people love to get pedicures at the spa. It’s a great way to relax and refresh. However, if you can’t make it to the spa one day, you can try giving yourself a pedicure at home. The best way to do this is with a portable spa basin as it will have all the features and equipment you need to complete the task at home comfortably. However, if you don’t have a portable spa and can’t get one at the moment, you can also try soaking your feet in a small plastic tub while you watch a movie or listen to music and then you can finish off the treatment with the foot lotion and nail polish of your choice.


While you might not be able to give yourself the full spa experience at home, you can do a few things on your own with relatively little experience and equipment to hold you over until you can get a spa appointment. If you have any doubts or are unsure how to go about giving yourself a given treatment, ask your local spa professionals the next time you are at an appointment with them as they will surely be happy to help you.