Spa Trends to be on the lookout for

The spa and wellness industry seems to continuously have makeovers based on what is popular in related health and supplement industries at that moment as well as what is going around on social media platforms. In general, at the moment, the spa and wellness community is focused on natural remedies, stress relief, holistic approaches to common problems as well as new, novel technological approaches to older problems. Here we will go into detail about several of these spa trends so that you can decide for yourself if your business is inclined to participate in providing these services.


The use of ice is an antiquated beauty secret that our grandmothers or even great grandmothers were probably aware of and used. Ice is known to reduce inflammation, puffiness around the eyes and brighten skin complexions. However, now there are cryotherapy facial solutions which take this old concept and reinvent it with modern technology. Some cryotherapy facial masks are as simple as a flexible gel mask that is put into the freezer and taken out to be placed over the face like a blanket. However, other cryotherapy face masks use special beads inside of a molded mask in order to combine the benefits of cryotherapy and acupressure into one. Acupressure, for those who don’t know, is the use of strategically applied pressure to increase circulation and improve hormonal and lymphatic systems. Therefore, if you are really looking for a novel beauty booster, try one of these cryotherapy masks with acupressure beads.


Facial exercises have gotten a lot of attention from various popular social media influencers and the spa industry has taken notice. Many aestheticians now offer guided facial exercises to clients as an add on to normal facials or as a completely separate service. Facial exercises, like normal exercises, are intended to help mold the face and are also said to reduce lines and wrinkles. Sometimes aesthetics will combine massages with these guided facial exercises or simultaneously use tools like a jade roller or a gua sha. For jaw-related facial exercises, aestheticians may have their clients bite down and chew on jaw exercisers which are typically small rubber or silicon cubes that are placed between the front teeth as a way to create mild resistance and strengthen the muscles.


Spas, as we all know, are predicated on improving health and beauty. Therefore, it would be fairly inappropriate to have a snack bar at a spa serving cheeseburgers and beer. However, spa clients get hungry and need options which adhere with their lifestyles. Enter specialized snack bars which serve things like kombucha, fruit and adaptogenic drinks. These are not only healthy choices because of their caloric and nutritional content but, adaptogenic drinks, for instance, also relax and reduce stress with natural herbs that lower stress hormones like cortisol. As these types of offerings continue to garner more interest on social media, expect more spas to implement them.


While most can agree that, in large part, the pandemic has subsided, some spa clients will still be wary of excessive human contact, including at their favorite spas, and may opt for “touch-free” spa services like floating tanks, electric massage beds and infrared saunas. These touch-free services offer the same type of relaxation that a good pedicure or traditional massage might but exclude human contact. Additionally, while adding these types of services may require an initial investment, they can be good revenue-generators for your business long into the future.


As technology advances, spas and their clients will undoubtedly take advantage of these new technologies to improve their businesses and personal well-being. Some of these services, like cryotherapy, are essentially reinventions of old beauty practices while others, like infrared saunas, are brand new adaptations of old technology which science has come to recognize new benefits for.