Tips and suggestions for beautiful Nails and hands

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Manicure, pedicure, hair done. Most women love to get pampered and looking clean and fresh so going to the Salon to get our nails or hair done etc. It is something most of us Do often to feel good after we have taking care of our children, house, significant other. We need that “me” time .We owe it to ourselves. Why not?

However, whether your hands and nails are suffering or you’d like to pamper yourself, or get pampered at a salon we want to share with you a variety of tips for beautiful hands/Nails that are very helpful:

1.Lube up with oils

Oils are the best way to get moisture into the skin. In addition, when they are working on their clients Manicure or pedicure, many manicurists recommend the lower cost Botanical oil that provides both psychological and physical Benefits.

2. Use a milky Hand wash

The clearer the cleanser, the more it may dry out your skin. Also avoid soaps that contain the harsh chemical triclosan (often marked “antibacterial”) and instead look for naturally antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree otea tree oil or eucalyptus.

3. Never put your hands in hot or icy water

Hot water makes skin dry by taking away sebum; cold can cause a constriction and then a dilation of capillary vessels, leading to redness

4. Use a nail buffer

Nail Buffer helps to shine nails between manicures. The best place to purchase these buffers at a very low price is at Spasalonus

5. Put petroleum jelly on your hands. Rub it in thoroughly and then without using soap wash your hands under the tap.

6. Don’t bite your nails

This is the most bad habit and extremely bad for your nails. Nails look really ugly if you bite them. Biting the nails makes them weak and they do not grow strong then and becomes the hurdle. Saliva softens the nails which break them easily so this is the very first step you need to take to get beautiful and strong nails.

7. Get a manicure and/or pedicure every 2weeks: ever thought your nails were unimportant or if you’ve been neglecting your hands, now is the time to make them a priority. Just like your skin, they can dry out, peel, break, and become infected. Manicures and pedicures are cosmetic procedures that can help you keep your hands and feet healthy by grooming, trimming, buffing, and painting your nails, as well as managing calluses… Furthermore, as a salon owner, you should definitely go for the Katai V spa pedicure chair at an affordable price which is bought by many salon owners and many clients enjoyed it for his exquisite massage.

8.Follow a good diet for nails

Fragile nails can be caused by iron deficiencies. Foodstuffs abundant in iron include liver, trim red meats, species of fish, soy products, beans, lentils, whole grain products, green spinach, fresh vegetables, asparagus, parsley, poultry along with turkey, nuts, egg yolks, dry fruits like raisins, dates and apricots, etc. Eat a lot of these to help keep your nails healthy!

Last but not least, Beetroots usually contain more calcium and also vitamin D to supplement healthy nail growth. Day-to-day consumption of beetroots is likely to make all your finger nails incredibly healthy and sturdy.