Skincare According to age

Our skincare needs are always changing. Whether it is due to diet, stress, hormones or natural aging, the things we need to do to ensure that our skin is at its optimal are always in flux. Here, we will focus on how those changes manifest themselves according to age. We will discuss how to keep your skin looking its best in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond.


While skincare in your 20’s may seem like it is the easiest, the way you take care of your skin in your 20’s sets the stage for how your skin will look in future decades. For one thing, you will want to use a high quality sunscreen with a high SPF. Sun damage may not demonstrate itself visibility in your 20’s but, you can be sure that it is happening at the molecular level and will become visible as you get old if you do not control it. Second of all, you will want to use high quality skincare products including toner, cleanser, moisturizer and makeup. It may be tempting to skimp on certain products and buy cheaper alternatives but, if these cheaper alternatives contain skin-damaging ingredients, the money you save will not be worth it in the long run. Your best bet is to educate yourself on which ingredients are helpful and which are harmful and use this as your buying guide instead of price. Finally, every month and a half, it is advisable to get a deep cleaning facial at your favorite spa as this will help remove impurities and keep your skin glowing in future decades.


As you move into your 30’s, your skincare needs will begin to change. In your 30’s, collagen production begins to slow down. Skin cell turnover also starts to slow down. This means your skin may not look as plump as it once was and will also not bounce back as quickly as it once did. In addition to protecting your skin from the sun like you did in your 20’s, hydration and resurfacing will become important. The importance of hydration increases because your skin will not maintain moisture as it did in your 20’s and a loss of moisture will manifest itself as aging skin. Resurfacing becomes important because you will need to aid your skin in producing cell turnover so that healthy, fresh skin is what is reflected on the outside as it was in your twenties. At this stage, you may also want to begin to consider anti-aging products.


If you followed a strict and productive skincare routine in your 20’s and 30’s, your skincare routine in your 40’s is about tweaking that routine in order to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. In addition to the resurfacing and hydrating practices which all are second nature to you at this point, you will want to begin using more toners, anti-aging creams and nutritional balms. In your 40’s the loss of collagen and moisture in your skin will accelerate and this will create more visible signs of aging if you are not proactively taking care of your skin. Because of this, you may also want to consider using some modern skincare devices such as microcurrent therapy, LED light therapy and cryotherapy masks. It is also advisable to make more regular visits to your aesthetician at this point in your skincare journey. You should get professional treatments for wrinkles, fine lines and deep cleanses at least once a month or more if you have the time and budget to do so.


In your 50’s, the collagen and moisture content will continue to decrease but, more notably at this point in your skincare journey, your facial muscle tone will also begin to decrease. Because of this, facial toning exercises like facial yoga is advisable to prevent as much deterioration as possible. Sun protection, resurfacing and moisturizing are more important than ever as is maintaining regular visits to your esthetician or medical spa. Medical spas, with medical professionals, can provide certain skincare services which are not accessible in ordinary spas and may be indicated for a person who wants to maintain their skin into their 50’s and beyond. Additionally, at this point in your skincare journey, you should be using high quality exfoliants and anti-aging creams on a daily basis.


Maintaining healthy skin is important at every age of the life cycle but, the requirements to keep your skin in good shape are constantly changing. It may not seem like a pressing issue in your 20’s and 30’s but, if you are proactive about your skincare in these decades, you will be happy in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.