Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

So you’re in the market for the latest pedicure chairs on the market, but you are having a hard time finding a local company that suits your style. There are a lot of online companies that will satisfy your taste … Continued

Are You Breaking These 10 Hair Rules

Stylists definitely know all the tricks! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a bombshell blowout, gorgeous color, or incredibly healthy locks, stylists have learned all the tricks to get you there. For a great blowout, you can use … Continued

Pedicure therapy for cracked dry feet

Mild to moderate cracking of the skin on the bottom of the foot, especially around the heel areas, and the lateral (outside) areas of the foot, is quite common. It can be caused by going barefoot or wearing sandals excessively … Continued

Massage pedicure chair and Pregnancy

Pedicure chair is used safely for pregnant women. However, there are many women who are afraid that the Pedicure massage chair can cause low back spasm. Please be advised that, Dr. Craig G. Morton recommend using a lumbar support when … Continued

Market Your Spa to Attract Male Clients

The best spas today do not cater to just female guests; but also try to attract male clients .By expanding their service offerings. Personal grooming and relaxation are not limited to women only. Good salon can bring in more income … Continued